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Women's Sport/ Activewear Leggings Supplex. It will have you looking and feeling hot and sexy with these beautiful leggings. Great for women of all ages and body types. It is 100% Supplex. This fabric helps you hide cellulite, plus it does not fade or shrink. You will have a garment that will last for a very long time.

The mesh detailing is made of a light fabric that will keep you refreshed during your workout. The slim fitting leggings have a mesh detail on the waist and boot of the leggings, giving it and ultimate look for your workout. This high performance fabric provides the optimal blend of softness, comfortable compression and colorful quality.

The material contains a greater amount of nylon filaments achieving a similar softness like cotton but with nylon resistance. This allows the garment to maintain its solid colors and look like new for a longer time. Wearing Supplex ® gives you comfort and ventilation. Your body temperature remains constant. It is soft, sweat-resistant, dries quickly, does not shrink or deform. It is comfortable and durable enough for the most demanding workouts.

The Get Me Bodied Fitness Pants are lighter and finer with amazing flexibility and lightweight. You will be amazed at the way it fits and compacts your body.

Supplex® | Cottony soft comfort
• Shrink and fade resistant
• Flexible and lightweight
• Faster drying than cotton lycra spandex

One Size Fits Most
• Size A- S/M/L
• Size B- L/XL/2XL

*Tank top is also made of same material.
***All sales final on workout apparel.