Corsets are designed to be worn daily, even while you sleep. The tight and formfitting garment works to mold and reshape the mid section while you sleep and during daily activities.

The steel boning of a corset is what keeps everything in place. The right corset can eventually take 4-5 inches off your current waist size if worn properly. 

Once you have reached your desired waist size, after months of wearing it, you will need to wear it occasionally to maintain your new shape, but be patient and don't rush training by over doing it!

It may appear that the corset is too small, you will need help getting into the corset. When first starting to wear the corset, It will have a tight fit and your body will need to get use to the corset. The corset is designed to be worn on the 1st set of latches, after hours, days, or weeks (depending on the comfort level) you should be able to get to the 2nd latches and be able to put the corset on yourself without help!!

If you experience discomfort, place a thin layer (tank top/cami) between the corset and clothing.